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Cream Color

Skin to Skin

  • Smooth Touch: Enriched with a blend of oils, this weightless, cream-to powder formula seamlessly melts onto lids with a superior adherence and dries down for a velvety and comfortable wear. Film-forming agents help to improve the spreadability and resistance of the makeup.


  • Natural Finish: A luxurious, crease-free eyeshadow is infused with pearlescent pigments to deliver a veil of ultra-light, versatile colors in a light-reflective shimmer finish. Blendable and easy to apply for a perfect, natural-looking eye look. Can be worn alone or layered as a primer under powder eyeshadow for intensity and long-lasting wear.


  • Hydration: Vitamin E acts as an essential emollient to nourish and hydrate the delicate skin around eyes. Ideal for all skin types, especially for dry and rough skin.


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    Skin to Skin

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