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October 29, 2020 oulac

Get into the Halloween Spirit!

If you fall for the Halloween Spider Queen be aware of her… cobweb!

Ladies, time to start the Halloween count-down. Spooky, Scary or Gory but definitely Sexy, Elegant and Impressive, whether it is about your makeup or your nails, be ready to make your Beauty Statement!

This Halloween sexy makeup look is fast and simple. Use your foundation to create an even color to your skin, powder, and a bit of highlighter.

    • First draw a spider web on a paper in order to be precise and confident when you make the drawing on your face.

  • Use the Metallic Liquid eyeshadow Steel My Heart, with a very thin brush, and draw long lines around your eye for the cobwebs.

  • Then start creating the curved lines around the long ones and connect them to each one.

  • Finish with your lips.

Now it is time to…decorate your nails!

Simple steps to add a few distinguished cute spiders and cobweb on your Stiletto, Square, or Squoval nails.

  • First things first: the base.

  • Apply this pretty pink Nail Gel GLK 009 or the white Nail Gel GLK 501 and cure for the prescribed time. Apply a 2nd layer and cure again.

  • Use a very thin nail art brush to start drawing the spider or the cobweb on the Nail and cure for the prescribed time.

  • The top coat is critical for creating a long lasting manicure and the No Wipe Top Nail Gel will give you the best result for your nail design.


Cobweb design would make your nails look extremely funky and it’s very easy to do. With a very thin brush make a stroke across the nail. Then make two more strokes one to the left and one to the right of the first stroke. Make convex semi circles in between the strokes and fill the entire nail that way, that’ll perfectly make your nail art look like a spider web.

So, reach the peak of your creativity, use your Oulac Makeup and Nail products and ensure your glamorous and sexy Halloween Beauty Statement.

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