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October 14, 2020 oulac

We love Bunnies and so should you!

Imagine yourself getting prepared for a Friday night out. You have finally made up your mind about that little black dress you want to wear, your favorite high heels and the clutch bag you purchased just the day before! And now it’s time to do your makeup routine! 

Have you ever thought that your favorite and easy to apply foundation, or your shimmery eyeshadow and the matte lipstick you can’t live without, could all be made of slaughtered animals, or horns and claws, or even crushed up bugs? And it is getting worse… 

Think of yourself now caged for a lifetime in a lab with humans around, who hurt you just to find out the effects of several ingredients.

Well, no hard feelings… We didn’t mean to make you frown. 

Oulac Cosmetics is developing makeup products with respect to our colorful planet and all lives on earth. Oulac Cosmetics products apart from the most advanced and innovating formulas have been awarded and registered with Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free Certification (PETA). PETA’s “cruelty-free” designation means that Oulac brand has banned all tests on animals for our ingredients – including in our supply chain – formulas, and finished products. 

Our belief is that proper skincare should not come at the expense of the environmental wellbeing, or your health. 

Choose today our Skin to Skin Collection. Vegan & Cruelty-Free with a variety of products, shades and formulations for every special you, so unique like you… 

And no, who said that cruelty-free and vegan products are expensive? The truth is that our high-quality makeup and vegan skincare products are affordable to every woman. 

We love our planet, we love animals and we strongly believe that ethical beauty is our duty for the future of our planet and the generations to come! 

Choose Oulac Cosmetics and make #yourbeautystatement!


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